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The reason behind supporting the RNIB is a simple and obvious one when you understand my eye health conditions. In my late 40’s I was diagnosed with a rare genetic eye health condition called Retina Pigmentosa, RP for short*.

On finding out this diagnosis I was lost for reasons and worried about going forward and supporting my family. I made a call to the RNIB helpline and was overwhelmed by all the support that followed. The help included a home visit from a couple supportive people. After time, I received white cane training, support with finding further support such as a “Blue Badge” and discounted bus journeys. I will explain more on my RNIB page.

This RNIB support has helped me go forward and is free for the affected. The RNIB is a charity and survive by donations which is why I wish to raise £1000.

I also wish to promote mental wellbeing via my challenges and attitude towards life and support other families with this rare genetic problem. There are some tough decisions and it can feel very frustrating and lonely. Please feel free to contact me to ask questions or offer support.

Please help me and comment below or email if these posts are easy to read and make sense. I have been asked to write a post for another blogger who has masses of readers. Imagine the honour and the fear of writing a poorly written post!


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