Love Ilfracombe

This week, the first full working week in January 2019 has been a hectic one. The highlight, for @blindmanroy was a morning with Steve Nuth and Ruth Knowles from a great new, local publication of the Focus magazine and a funky website call love Ilfracombe,   

Both Steve and Ruth had seen the first blog on this site and wished to find out more. The meeting for myself was a little like therapy and I managed to tell the history of both “my journey into darkness” and the epic expedition we are planning later this year. Please keep an eye on thier website to see if they publish #TeamImeson story.

I have also started to gain some miles and climb some hills, this week I had the harsh reality that we will be climbing a lot. The picture above is the view from Hilsbourgh, a hill that is slapped inbetween Hele and Ilfracombe. It is a harsh 120 meter climb and took nearly an hour to concur . The harsh part is that it is only one tenth of the night of Ben Nevis!

We have also been approached by a group of construction employers that have pledge a substantial donation. I will wrote more on this when it happens.

All in all, BlindManRoy is moving forward and hopefully adding needed funds towards the cost of running the RNIB.

Thank you for reading this post, if you like to find out more please visit our blog site at BlindManRoy

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