Changing people’s perception. What does Blind look like to you? The RNIB push for change.

Changing people’s perceptions and opinions can be a struggle and sometimes impossible. This blog is a simple request that you can help me with.

A blind lady using her mobile phone

This picture went viral, purely because the lady was using her phone with her white stick erected in front of her. Social media got hold of the photo and that was then shared and reshared purely because people’s perception of blind people. Apparently we shouldn’t be able to see a phone and if we did we are not visually impaired person (VIP) or blind.

It’s possible best to highlight that blind people have some vision, it may be limited and in some light better than in other light conditions.

What I see.

The best way I can explain is do you remember sitting on a dirty bus looking through the windows that are dirty, like looking through fog?

With this memory, with your finger place it on the window and clean two random shaped holes. (The holes is my vision), as the bus travels the clear holes will get dirtier as the journey progresses. Eyesight loss is progressive and the journey into darkness may be a short bus ride or an epic coach trip across Europe.

This post is to simple help raise the awareness that being VIP and blind doesn’t mean you cannot see anything, vision loss is on a variable scale and yes blind people use technology in a different manner than a fully sighted person.

My life would be very hard to manage if I didn’t have podcasts to listen too, google maps and dictation software to help me create written documents.

Please bare all of this next time you see a blind person with a touch gone out. We also appreciate people simple asking, can I help you? We sometimes cannot find the correct podcasts to listen too.


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