Sunrise in Southampton.

I am sometimes left wondering, if my need to see as much as I can whilst I have vision is why I do so much or is it just simply that I love to embrace life, colour and make the most of using all my senses?

My work has taken me to Southampton the day after a meeting London. My work colleague Angus Hamilton was also on a similar trip and helped me on the new journey across London.

In the bar, in the evening prior to our team meeting Angus explained his evening run along the Southampton coast he had seen the spectacular views of the harbour, marinas and the other aspects of Southampton.

This then triggered off a thought, that perhaps I should get up and go for a walk in first light before the team meeting.

However, at 5:45 am I was awakened with the sound of a horn from a ship!

As you can imagine it not only scared the living “jahebious” out of me as it woke me up from a deep sleep. In a flash, It made me realise we’re closer to the harbour than I thought. Up I got, I dressed, through on my coat and with my white stick and off I went. The pictures below not only show the walk but the progress I am making on my training and some spectacular scenes.

The yellow line follows the route.

The 1600k challenge in a year progress!

I’m still climbing up the leader board and managing to keep on track my mileage. However my quest to climb hills or mountains cannot happen in Southampton as it’s only 2 metres above sea!

The Ferry to Isle of Wight, Is leaving the port into the Fog just about catch it.

I wandered through Southampton, through the fog and the beautiful morning sunrise. The walk led me to think about my “epic expedition” and that life is very short and precious and we all should perhaps make the effort to get up for the sunrise.


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