Megabus London Sight Seeing Tour

This blog is all about a blind blokes sight seeing bus trip around London.

Emma and I came up to visit Ollie for a cheap weekend trip. The trip was to help Ollie with some shopping, course work and to star in a short interview. I managed to yet again breakdown in tears!

Those that know me understand that the world I know is disappearing and a new one is appearing. Dare is say “like a Phoenix”? I am trying to see as much as I can, visit as many buildings, City’s and watch loads of shows. This is causing both issues to myself as I seem to find invisible steps to fall into and Emma is getting a dab hand at moving me about the the Streets and Roads .. possible worth coming along to watch.. comedy values are immense.

The trip lead Emma and I to look at taking on the continuous bus tour around London. We entered the bus after a loo trip and simple sat comfortably whilst the “Building Geek” was driven through the City down The Strand and back toward my Big Ben.

Six Seconds of Piccadilly Square.

London City Hotel – Travelodge

Did you know that you can stay in London on a Sunday for under £100? We stayed in a new Travelodge near Aldgate, the hotel was spacious and bright and even had a buffet style breakfast where I managed not to pour my cereal over anyone. It’s a definite “yes place to stay” for anyone visiting the City especially if your Blind.

I have added a few more pictures in the adobe software link below.


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