Loosing Faces

Blooming Cataracts

In October 2018, I was diagnosed as blind. The optometrist calmly said my sight had reached this status which was enhanced with two growing cataracts.

Recently this state has sent me into a world of “blur”.

This new condition has led me to learn a new coping strategy, It’s a simple one. This strategy is, to simple say “hi” to anyone that I pass as long as they look remotely familiar. This can also mean nodding or waving at passing cars. It must look odd to some people and I have made some new friends as well as lost some who are not aware I cannot make out faces.

My ask, is a simple one. If you see me please say “Hi it’s me”. Obviously tell me your name.

#LonelyPlanet #Confidence #JustSayHi #RNIB #BlindManRoy


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