The adventures of a blind man. .

#WhiteCane the stick.

Disability Confidence Aid white cane Blind Visually Impaired VIP RNIB

Last weekend Emma and I went to visit London and watch Ollie in his college performance of “Our House” in a theartre in Severn Sisters, North London.

The open scene from the 1980’s musical Our House featuring all those classic songs from Madness

The show was understandable brilliant. After three years of training at London’s leading dance and drama college @theurdang you could only or would only expect that.

Emma and I went to watch it twice and came home whistling those @madnessband songs and with that happy feeling of “Yes” that’s my boy.. the one who wanted nothing but to do drama.

#WhiteCane on a spring afternoon in London

Well done to all those amazing talented teachers and back room people. The theatre and so many more. Including @lotticalvert for taking the time and effort to come too.

The picture is a simple one of my trusted team member “WhiteCane”. It works like a treat in finding those steps, back of peoples legs and it’s best trick is how it can empty a seat on the @londonundergroundofficial..

Love, Peace and Family #teamimeson #teamrnib #disabilityawareness

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