Audio Books – Bill Bryson – Walk in the Woods

Going shopping, reading social media posts and listening to friends, family and my soul mate has led to some new anxieties that I am looking for new ways to suppress.

I am sure that I am not on my own and know that keeping busy and avoiding the above is one way through the next 15 days.

However we all play a part in looking out for each other and need to listen and offer advice.

Advising people within these uncertain times is also interesting and can lead to new levels anxiety especially if you are uncertain that the advice you are offering is good. ie. please buy the largest bag of pasta you can get hold off.

At four am, I woke up in a blinding panic shrieking and punching fresh air. This is normal as do love a night terror! #DartmoorPony.

My dream was about catching “another illness” one that needs medical attention but not contagious. Then having to go into hospital for medical attention. The panic was about not getting treated and being left outside in the rain under a tent whilst I wait for attention! “How random our brains are”.

I went back to sleep and woke up a few hours later by my wife and main Team Imeson member getting up to go food shopping! This was Seven am!

What a positive thing to do, tackle the supermarkets before they become over run with “Hamsters” gather more pasta and cheeses than they need for a rumoured 15 day lockdown.

Anyway, my post is about a way to avoid the manic “New World”. I have downloaded from the “Libby” app a book all about Bill Brysons 1987 Walk into the Woods. This book is my second audio book and what a way to distract myself from the – Panicking New World. It’s kinda app, as it possible the closest I will get to an outdoor adventure.

Stay safe everyone and keep calm, avoid writing negative statements and make positive steps into the new world. We will be okay!


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