Absolutely feed up of listening to “No News” radio stations?

Podcast microphone
Picture of the “I-tunes podcast icon”

During my Furlough Days, I have watched enough “no news” TV and listened to many bland radio stations with repeat music and again “no news” broadcasts.

To say that I was at the end of my tether and running out of items to fill the growing “white noise’ in my head, where I once had been thinking about my the construction industries issues.

Whilst researching on how to make webinars and creative E-learning courses, I stumbled up on a website and the social media superhero – spider working and Amanda’s podcast. Please if you have a website click and follow her various media channels. I am currently working through her shows and amending my own social media channels!

Amanda Webb – Superhero social media and all things digital expert.

My new hobby led me to find some random podcast shows and within a few weeks I have listened to hours of shows and watched three “how to make and launch” YouTube videos.

Podcasts are great, basically they are not censored by funders or weird rules that restrict creative people.

If you don’t like a show, you simple stop listening!

I would of loved to of listened to Kenny Everett podcast show. I am sure he would of been off the wall with creative ideas.

This is my current list, you choose if you want to listen. They are so different and you can simple stop listening when you want too!

Ricky from the Kieser Chiefs and Tony Blackburn: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/ricky-tony-pop-detectives/id1494927374

The Honest Actors. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-honest-actors-podcast/id976204285

The Rule of Three: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/rule-of-three/id1362621695

A picture of a Microphone and stand

Listening to these podcasts and other shows has led me to wonder; not, if I should create a series but what shall I make whilst in my “Furloughed Days”.

All that is left is the confidence to “go for it”.

I have several ideas, that stretch from a chat show with VIP”s to a one man show. I am sure you remember the character Alan Partridge.

A picture of the Alan Partridge Show from the early 2000.

My chat show idea – there are a few podcasts that are either two or three people chatting about their favorite topics.

My ideas are varied and I am looking for that inspiration to go forward.

  • Simple inviting visually impaired people to chat about what makes them tick.
  • Invite the people that own business to promote their offers.
  • Make a one man show that covers “how too” things that help us all tick?
  • Give up on the idea and see if I can join jump on to someone else’s idea.

Another idea … I have created a character that I made a short video of for local theatre company Small Pond Production. The show is 30 minutes long and my bit is near the 17 minute stage.

The Facebook Picture of Small Ponds Virtual Variety Show May 2020.

Thank you again for reading this post and please follow me for other content.


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