Please Give Me Space. Social Distance Sign

I live in a small seaside town in Devon.

A picture of Ilfracombe harbouring taken from St James Park
Ilfracombe Harbour 20200
Rnib sign on awareness of your space
RNIB worked with the UK’s Government to create awareness signs

In the initial stages of lockdown I was fortunate to complete the first stages of becoming a guide dog owner with my new mate Teal.

Teal the guide dog sat in her harness shading from the sun
Teal the Guide Dog

My guide dog trainer and I had set up several walking routes around the town that covered crossing roads, zebra crossings and traffic lights.

Over the time Teal and I hit many different problems and situations including people stood on the left outside pharmacies.

I will say that generally people read signs and listen to guidelines and respected my issues of getting one way systems wrong and definitely we walked in the middle of pavements rather than to one side.

On behalf of all visual impaired people I thank you for understanding and respecting our disabilities.

Roy Imeson
Thanks you

Please keep an eye out for my new blog on furloughed part two.

#thankyou #staysafe #TeamImeson #TeamRNIB


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