Moor Mountain & Sea

Back in the olden times in late 2017.

Alison Homa and I started to chat about how we could best help the young people/adults that were involved with our scouting expeditions and activities.

We created a project called Moor, Mountain and Sea.

The project has many diversities with the main one being helping remove barriers. Some of the barriers was becoming experienced and qualified instructors and leaders.

We sourced funding from a local charity linked to Fullabrook wind farm and our local Coop

This funding and another pot has nearly all been spent with some left for the attached website (if successful) and some training.

Covid happened and put a stop to all activities and training.

The website and social media, is part of the development with one of our leaders and recent awarded Gold Dofe candidate Matt Coles.

He has spent his recent holiday creating content and the site. He is a student at Petroc and wishes to push into the modern world of media. This site will form part of his portfolio.

Please can I ask my social media family to click and read. Please contact me if what you read is what your looking for. We cannot look at starting back until we get the green light.

Moor, Mountain & Sea

As always thank you for taking the time to read this.



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