The adventures of a blind man. .

Road Rage in North Devon

Today’s post is simple titled “road rage”.

I was sat in the popular bus that travels too and from Combe Martin to Barnstaple via Ilfracombe.

The red Jaguar with a suitable dressed gentleman over took the bus as it was stopped at the bus stop at Watermouth Castle.

The white van had two young man with a surf board in the roof. They had driven passed the bust stop earlier waving a finger at me with the classic song from the inbetween’ers’ TV series where they shout at a bus stop full of people.

Well they had managed to get ahead and be in the car park in the Castle grounds.

The bus stopped and they pulled out gingerly but made the nice Jaguar swerve and beep horns.

Hence the cars stopping and having a few words.

I couldn’t help but take the photo.

😂 “Road Rage”. Zoom in to see if you recognise the unhappy travelers.

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