Stratford to the Royal Docks in London

As a building geek I make sure that when I go away, I take note of the local architecture.

The view from the Emerets Cable Car

In early July 2021 I visited Stratford and took the DLR into the Royal Docks.

Silver town DLR train Station

The area has been on a 50 year regeneration from contaminated land through to £1 million apartments.

Balcony view over the Thames Barrier

The village I visited had it all. 9 storey apartment blocks, faced with brick and steel. Schools, shops and an amazing gym and pool. Simple, mixing the homelife with leisure and fun.

Teal taking in the breeze from the Thames

The area is linked with over ground, london airport and the Thames ferry.

Ollie and I taking the flight over the Thames.

If your like me, and a building geek please visit the area and bring the ideas and concepts back to your home towns.

Teal and I social Distancing on the Tube


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