On The Road – Braunton

What a great family, disabled person friendly festival “On The Road”.

On arrival I was met by some of Taw Explorer leaders who helped me across the Saunton Road crossing, followed by directing me into the festival.

The festival field was perfectly organised with plenty of space to wonder around and find Music, Food, Loos and a Big Bar.

There was three music areas, young bands, 80’s and 90’s DJs and the main stage.

Plenty of things to do and for free! This kept the hundreds of families busy.

These activities ranged from a Skate board ‘thing’ which I didn’t have ago on. I spent a good hour with Ilfracombe’s Make the Move hobbies, crafts tent and there classic games arena. Well done to Mark, Carole and Charni and your helpers.

Food! I went for two delicious meals. A great Chicken Curry for my lunch and an amazing Burger and chips for my tea!

I do have to write that the day was made even more special by the number of kind people that helped me get about without standing on anyone or their picnic blankets.

One nice chap offered to carry my food back to where I was standing so that I didn’t drop my food or stand on anyone’s things.

All in all well done to all the superstars that organised the event. I’ve uploaded a few selfies of me and Aaron hopefully they demonstrate that blind blokes shouldn’t take photos.. .


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