Teal the guide dog and Lola the pet cat

This weekend, my girls, seem to be sleeping.

Lola, is our old cat that is resting more and more as the weeks go. She try’s to eat constantly yet manages to not eat much.

Todays lunch was one of my favourites, corn-beef! I have to admit, I ate more than her.

This week, Teal, managed to navigate both Bristol and Plymouth without to many hiccups… plus.. we managed to get our first taxi of the year.

Teal at Plymouth Theatre Royal.

Our week has been great fun and full of a mixture of work and life, whilst on Plymouth, we went to watch a show at Plymouth Theatre Royal.

We watched The Da Vinci Code, a great story with loads of drama, Including some violence. This was the first time Teal had been in the audience when such high levels of noise and shouting. The play, has many twists and turns and a cast of ten actors.

Roger Edgecombe and Myself taking the must do selfie at the Theatre in Plymouth.

Teal, clearly didn’t agree with the violence and shooting. She joined in the play three times, barking and grumbling.. I must shout a big sorry to the Wednesday nights audience and cast members. This was a first, I managed to calm her down by changing seats and sitting her between my seat and the one in front. I guess, no more end of isles seats!

Thursday, we got up early and shot out of my shared home in Plymouth of to catch the first cross country train to Bristol.

Greenlight Training are setting up a satellite centre. This is a new set of challenges both with my working skills and managing to make sure Teal is happy. A big thanks to YKTO for setting us up with space for Teal to have an afternoon nap. Plus great speakers on a theme of the Modern Methods of Construction

We arrived into Bristol, with time for a breakfast, with Teal managing to navigate the train, station and walk to our first meeting without any issues. I didn’t realise how flat Bristol was in comparison to Devon. After our two meetings, I ordered a taxi on an app. This was to get us to Bristol Temple Meads station for the 1850 train.

Taxi apps, sighted people have is easy, their biggest worry is if the taxi will turn up.

For someone with an assistance dog, it’s not the taxi turning up more of the taxi picking us up!

On Thursday my luck was in, Robert the driver, did not care about the dog. He was more concerned that I could get out of the taxi at the station without causing too much hassle for other taxi drivers.

I have to say that, Plymouth taxi companies, with one exception, work in a different way. I have experienced, them driving away, charging me an extra £1 to allow the driver to clean the mess a dog leaves behind after a 20 minute journey! They are generally crap. I’ve stopped ordering them and catch buses, walk or ask for lifts. I only jump in to black cabs that only accept cash!

Our return trip back to Devon went like a dream, the train was in time, my support worker driver was waiting at Tiverton park way and I was back in Ilfracombe for 9pm.

Friday was a day at home, where Teal started her sleeping and resting and on Saturday we went to our second , theatre show of the week.

We went to watch Wendy, an play based on Peter Pan. Produced by Carol Turner. this was a great show and luckily Teal, simple sat and watched it without any hiccups.

Once again, thank you for reading my short stories. This week was not a typical one, yet one that was full of challenges, fun and great memories.


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