The adventures of a blind man. .

The Yorkshire 3 Peaks – UK

Bunk Barn Accommodation

The memories will last you far longer then the blisters.

When we were planning our walk up and down Great Britton, we had to organise the best places to stay. Based on cost, location and the most relaxing.

When we decided to take on the Yorkshire Three Peaks, we had to consider the start of the 26 mile walk!

We didn’t want to have to drive before or after the walk. 26 miles of walking plus the, three huge peaks was enough without navigating a car park and drive to accommodation.

The Yorkshire Three Peaks are possible the hardest of the whole challenge, yet in a different league to the other peaks.

We would recommend spending longer and take your time on each peak.

The accommodation we choose was superb. We stayed two nights, dried our boots and washed some of our kit.

We had run out of clean socks!

The accommodation we stayed in was called The Den, it had a brilliant bathroom with a walk in shower! Which for a 50 year old was needed.

It’s a simple book and stay place.

  • Ample Parking
  • Boot Room
  • Washing, Cooking Facilities
  • Wi-Fi
  • Friendly owners

The journey here was a simple drive from The Lake District and from Scafell Pike. It took us just over an hour and after the previous days walk we were please to leave, alive and well!

We finished our epic expedition at the Bunk Barn and went to Blackpool for a cheesy day out and send Oliver Imeson back to London.

The link below is the documentary made about our trip.

My advice, is to plan in advance, train loads and enjoy the trip. The memories will last you far longer then the blisters.

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