The adventures of a blind man. .

What you looking at!

White Cane in London

Boom – the “I didn’t see you were blind” conversation happened again.

I am all about inclusion, treating all with respect and I will open a door for people behind me, type of chap.

Yet, on a daily basis, I get told a version of the above a statement.

Recently, whilst trying to blend in at a birthday party and chat to some friends and generally have a normal night.

I was told in a deeply disturbing fashion I was staring and stood in the employees way.

My white cane was folded away, under my arm. I did this so I could hold my beer, of which I had drank a few and I had been stood on the same spot for some time. If I place the cane fully erected it’s over a metre long and after a time, it gets awkward to hold.

After the member of staff, said I was staring and stood in her way without assessing me, shocked me. My friend stood next to me remarked in shock that this statement was spoken in the way it was.

Because I had been drinking and possible a bit braver than normal, I spoke back stating that I was blind and unaware of my glaze and my white cane was the physical evidence of my condition. Although I had been walking about using it to highlight obstacles.

As soon as I highlighted my condition, the staff member did apologies, stating she was not aware of my condition. I am not sure why she turned on me, perhaps she was in a rush to get finished and meet up with friends?

However, does that make the situation acceptable?

The equality act was first published in 2010 the act is about protection of people with protected characteristics.

This recent event did not ruined my night, as it was already over with the bar closing at 2300, it will encourage me to push more for that perfect harmony.

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