Energy Poverty

Retrofit and Reality – please click on the article, below. It’s very positive and food for thought.


My thoughts – I live in a mid terraced house that was built in the 1880’s. It’s my home for life, full of memories and only has a front and rear external walls. A great house, I’ve replaced most of the interior and changed the characteristics of decor to suit the time we live in.

Energy efficiency – I have looked at EWI and Solar cladding the rear (it’s South Facing). Sadly, there are either not enough installers or too expensive to install.

Nukuk solar system, this could replace my side elevated wall covering.

We adapt, with the climate changes by simple opening windows in the summer and the heating is turned on in late October and turn of again in February.

Wearing extra layers and “going into work for longer hours in the winter” are other solutions.

With todays constant worry about energy costs, I wonder how long it will be before, we simple reduce the use. We start looking at the problem differently?

“Could I Wear anymore clothes”

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