Fitness in your 50’s.

I have always gone to a gym, tried to keep fit and healthy. Yet going through my 50’s it just seems to get harder the more I get fitter.

Going alone with my eyesight is not very wise, yet that would not be the reason why I would stop. I think that the reason for stopping, would be a lame excuses I.e. because it hurts, or I am busy with stuff or I am going away next week.

I am blessed with the opportunity to attend one to one sessions at Elevate – Mica Clark Fitness with Tracey Parker.

I have been going for several months and each session is varied. Sometimes it’s best not to know until you get there.

I am feeling fitter than I have done for years, which helps my mental state rather than my lack of tone and that desire for a six pack at 60.

My advice is 55 is the new 35! Take stock of your fitness levels and push yourself.

————- the picture ————————-

The picture was taken after my latest session, I am stood in front of the sign of the gyms name, Elevate. I look sweaty with a total bushed hairdo. Possible, I should not post this, but that’s what I look like after going to the gym.

Teal, my guide dog sits and cry’s when I am struggling and loves being made a fuss of by the group of fitness fanatics in the Building.

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