Inclusive Employment starts with understanding what it means.

Over the past six months, since leaving the #constructioneducation sector to work for the UK based charity RNIB and work on a life changing quality standard “Visibly Better Employer”.

I have been busy, honing my knowledge and using my decades of experience in assessing to work with some amazing national businesses. Most importantly the Human Resources experts that are passionate about working toward an inclusive workplace.

I will making a my first presentation for the RNIB with my colleague and co-producer Marie Clarkson.

Our seminar covers a range of topics including a short extract from my working life, the Visibly Better Employer quality standard, inclusive recruitment, Career Channel Websites and delivered with my usual humour.

I will be at the IHR – In-house Recruitment exhibition at Olympia London Tuesday 23rd May 2023. ..

Call to Action..


Please register for the event and visit us on stand B4.

Register with the link below;


Register to watch live our workshop:
How Inclusive Employment practices can give you access to blind and partially sighted talent. We start at 13:30, please do not miss it.

Thank you


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