The adventures of a blind man. .

“Change will only happen when you make it.” – Roy Imeson

Ollie, Laura and Roy
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  • Guide Dogs

    Guide Dogs

    I have signed up for an Ultra Challenge, the challenge is 50k within one day. The training has been on going. When you have a guide dog, one thing you do is walk! Whilst I have both some fitness and drive to complete I have joined the challenge with Jim Parker from Ilfracombe. The challenge […]

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  • What you looking at!

    What you looking at!

    Boom – the “I didn’t see you were blind” conversation happened again. I am all about inclusion, treating all with respect and I will open a door for people behind me, type of chap. Yet, on a daily basis, I get told a version of the above a statement. Recently, whilst trying to blend in […]

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  • The Support Workers Role.

    The Support Workers Role.

    This week has been a great week for getting out and about and offering advice on training , apprenticeships and simple meeting people again. I have been working at Head of Partnerships since April 2021. The number of contacts and organisations has increased by nearly double. I have trouble keeping track and making sure I […]

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When you are told that your eyesight is going to disappear within the next few years you’re faced with choices.

I choose to write about my choices and experiences, in a light hearted way, using my sense of humour to explain some situations that could possible drive you to anger.

“Smile and the world will smile with you.”

I will not lie, some days I have hidden away from the world and been that negative bloke. After all I am only human.

I have been interviewed for radio, YouTube shows and a local magazine. I am open to suggestions and opportunities to speak about life and change mine.

Part way through the summer of 2022 on a training walk I realised that I was not only smiling I was at the top of Hangman Hill!

All my stories are true and told in my fashion and the way that I remember them.

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