The adventures of a blind man. .

“Change will only happen when you make it.” – Roy Imeson

Ollie, Laura and Roy
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  • The Yorkshire 3 Peaks – UK

    The Yorkshire 3 Peaks – UK

    Bunk Barn Accommodation The memories will last you far longer then the blisters. When we were planning our walk up and down Great Britton, we had to organise the best places to stay. Based on cost, location and the most relaxing. When we decided to take on the Yorkshire Three Peaks, we had to consider […]

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  • Taxi!


    This weekend, my girls, seem to be sleeping. Lola, is our old cat that is resting more and more as the weeks go. She try’s to eat constantly yet manages to not eat much. Todays lunch was one of my favourites, corn-beef! I have to admit, I ate more than her. This week, Teal, managed […]

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  • On The Road – Braunton

    On The Road – Braunton

    What a great family, disabled person friendly festival “On The Road”. On arrival I was met by some of Taw Explorer leaders who helped me across the Saunton Road crossing, followed by directing me into the festival. The festival field was perfectly organised with plenty of space to wonder around and find Music, Food, Loos […]

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When you are told that your eyesight is going to disappear within the next few years you’re faced with choices.

I choose to write about my choices and experiences, in a light hearted way, using my sense of humour to explain some situations that could possible drive you to anger.

“Smile and the world will smile with you.”

I will not lie, some days I have hidden away from the world and been that negative bloke. After all I am only human.

I have been interviewed for radio, YouTube shows and a local magazine. I am open to suggestions and opportunities to speak about life and change mine.

Part way through the summer of 2022 on a training walk I realised that I was not only smiling I was at the top of Hangman Hill!

All my stories are true and told in my fashion and the way that I remember them.

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