A brief bio.

I was born in the 60’s at Ladywell Hospital Salford,Manchester. I lived with my parents Brian and Shirley and brother Ian in a typical semi detached house built in the early 1950’s.

A picture of a map of Manchester – UK

I had a great childhood, nothing special. I loved the usual things a young lad would of done inc,using many Action Men and tanks, especially the one that had moving eyes. I loved playing a game with my mates called the Six Million Dollar Man, we basically ran about fast, but in slow motion!

I loved the local chippy and eat many portions of Chips and Gravy. Most of all I loved riding my Chipper bike, most kids had a chopper bike but my parents didn’t want me to have that as it was a big bike?

Chipper Push Bike from the 1970’s

At the age of ten, things drastically changed. This change contributed to my personality and was what I would describe as a monumental change!

For now I will cut a long story short and invite you to please click through the website and follow my blogs.

This website is part of the world I wish to share and tell some stories and photos of the nice and fluffy part of life. I do wish to create a podcast and YouTube series on both my adventures and funny life stories. These will follow over the next few years.

I’m a building geek and worked within the construction industry for over 25 years. I currently work as a strategic advisor for the CITB. The role is a complex one, but one I find exciting. I have set up a separate Instagram page and will try to keep my passion out of this world. Please have a look and visit @CITB_UK_Devon

Part of this site I will be learning new skills which will enhance my passion for digital technology. I wish to master, analytics, creating a post that gets read! I would also like to manage the blogging part and create a series approach rather than the current, think-write-post approach.

Please join me and help grow my world of happy bloggers and media fanatics.

Let’s build something together.