“Mind” Cornwall Coastal Path Walk

In two weeks time I will on the plod again!

This time I have been asked to join the amazing Laura on her trek Alain’s the Cornish Costal path in aid of raising both money and awareness for the Charity Mind.

Laura Louise bio;

After reading the book ‘The Salt Path’ by Raynor Winn I have been inspired to organise a charity challenge whereby I will complete 69 miles of the South West Coast Path in September. As a Youth Project Worker for the homeless I see daily the stigma and judgement attached to homelessness and I am hoping to raise vital funds as well as awareness on my journey. I am inviting various individuals or groups to accompany me on different sections of the walk to share their story and help others benefit in the power of communication as an aid to mental well-being. I will also be donating a share of my profits to the South West Coast Path itself. I feel blessed to have such an extraordinary section of the U.K on my doorstep and am hoping to tell tales of walks along the path and how the path itself has had a positive impact on people and communities and continues to do so.


Please click on the link below for loads more details.

Once again I will put a few posts up for my 1/3 rd of the walk.


Foot long blond hair, cut off to help raise money for the RNIB

Charlotte Cook from Ilfracombe has been an amazing young person. She has been growing her hair for many years, in a conversation with her mum she said that she would like to have the beautiful blond locks cut for charity. Her mother reluctant agreed. Please read on.

She has had the hair cut in the hope to add some donations towards my fund raiser for the RNIB. Please can I ask you (if you haven’t already donated) to add a few pounds to the pot and help Charlotte see the cut has helped.

The hair is going to the Little Princess Trust and the kind donations going towards the RNIB.

Funding – please click and follow the website link.

Little princess that please click and read.

As always thank you for reading this post, please have a look at the other posts on both this website and the Facebook page


Team Imeson;

Team Imeson has to be one of the most unique teams around.

I have worked with many different types of teams of people and ones that do not have the same goal. As ‘Team Imeson’ is mainly family we have a great start on the team building part and the goal is one that we all had ambition to make it happen. However i do not think that every family would want to take on what we have achieved?
I have tried to write short descriptions on the roles we took. I could of written a lot more, but feel the story is best told over a drink. There will be a few short videos to follow. I have watched the trailer which filled me with fear of the extent of the ‘epic expedition’.

The following three pictures are of the locations of the climbs and walks.

The above picture is of The Yorkshire Three Peaks route,


The “epic expedition team” has to thank our driver Laura. She is only 21 and has been driving three years and owns a small affordable family car, VW Polo.

Picture of Laura Imeson stood at the top of Snowdon in July 2019
She drove over 1800 miles in 10 days, visited 8 towns/cities starting in Liverpool ending up in Blackpool via… Chester, Ben Nevis, lake District, Yorkshire Dales (Ingleton) and on many different types of roads. Including the hill ranges over Scarfell Pike near Windermere. She learnt all about “average speed cameras” “white van drivers” and braking distances on mountains!
I sat as a passenger and never went for the handbrake once I even spelt. Listen to her music and now recognise Jungle
I think she should look at a career change and become a “Raleigh Driver” or long distance lorry driver. She did love the driving even if we stunk the car out with walking clothes and boots.
Well done Laura.


Ollie arrived in Liverpool ahead of both Laura and I as he caught the 1200 from Euston. His reasoning for timing was to check-In the reasonable priced hotel and then find a suitable place for a haircut.

Picture of Ollie carri g out the splits on to of Snowdonia

His approach to organising the important parts of the trip and “forward thinking” followed with a similar pattern throughout the expedition. There was a daily theme usually around when we are going to eat or which route UP we took. Joking apart this made the days easier to follow and less stressful, other than the worry of how UP was the route!.

Ollie also took control of the social media and hopefully kept everyone up to date and amused. Please keep looking in here as he is putting a couple of videos of the trip together which he will upload to You Tube once completed.

His role was important, with his confidence on both the map reading and timings of where we should be, by when became better. Plus his constant checking I was okay and even pulling me up part of Scarfell Pike. His approach got us through the extremely challenging Yorkshire Three Peaks in less time than allowed. Even though we could of given up several times. It’s a tough challenge.

All in all Ollie is a great team player and leader, add his skills with his sister. I personally think we could take on a bigger trip and one that takes us across a greater geographical challenge.

If you wish to follow Ollie’s life search his name on Instagram.

The Home Team.


Emma, from the initial day of reading Ollies letter she has stepped up and helped with so many elements. I will struggle to mention them all. She is a brilliant wife, mum and most importantly our boss.

This list is only part of the stuff she has supported us with.

1) Putting up with the amount of time apart we have had. I did quite a bit of weekend training and then the trip.

2) Helping promote our epic trip and reminding us to do the same. A great driving source.

3) Help with gathering raffle prizes for our Bingo and Pub quizzes.

4) The help with the washing and the packing of our kit including washing the mountain of stuff on our return. Ollie doesn’t live in Devon which has meant making sure his walking kit was fit for purpose. Plus my blindness men’t packing stuff in separate colour coded bags.

Pat (mother-in-law)

Pat, has supported us in many ways including helping with financing the food part of the trip. Promoting the epic expedition through her great circle of friends.

Home Contacts;

Caroline Channing and Mark Williams

Part of my risk assessment included the awfully ”what iff” problem. Ie “What Iff” we had an accident on one of the mountains or a road traffic accident.

Both Caroline and Mark agreed to monitor the tracking devices and be prepared for a phone call if something went wrong.

Thankfully nothing did, but the role like all in Team Imeson was an important one. We were so grateful of the all the supportive people watching our backs.

Our Social Medial Support

We had over 400 people watching Facebook, 130 followers on Instagram and over 1000 hits in our web page all saying positive things. It was appreciated and we hope that you will continue to stay interested in the future trips and expeditions.

I hope I have not offended anyone or missed anyone out. My next few posts will be related to the different types of accommodation and the future ”follow on” activities from this expedition. Starting with a presentation to some of the sponsors.

Once again thank you for reading and supporting #TeamImeson.


Picture of our heart going out to all our supporters and home team.

Chester to Ben Nevis.

Day Three Update. Wednesday

Today’s three words.

Yellow Weather Warning.

We left our reasonable priced hotel after a hearty breakfast, stopping for fuel and oil and hitting the amazing long list of motorways and A roads towards Fort William. Laura drove for an amazing 6 hours without any hiccups.

We checked into our first youth hostel at the base of Ben Nevis without issues – again reasonable priced with a brilliant kitchen and wash room.

We checked the weather via the Ben Nevis website and are please to announce the storm didn’t make it this far.

The geographical area including the hostel is so beautiful, I would love to spend more time in the highlands exploring.

“if anyone is looking for company please give me a shout”.

Again thank you for the followers and kind comments. Please keep sharing. Todate we have raised £1400 towards the RNIB which is brilliant, our target is £1500 so with the up and coming pub bingo and a possible few more donations we should smash it.

Please visit our Facebook page. Search for – Blind Man Roy.

I must note that I’m writing this at 0500 as I’m excited to get to climb the largest mountain in Scotland!

#WakeUpKids. #TeamImeson #TeamRNIB #Highlands


North Devon Coverage of our “Three Peaks Plus” expedition.

Thank you to Rob for the interview and the article in your Business magazine.

I’m keen to promote the work the RNIB do, the journey that I am on and the ambition I have to keep walking long distances.

Please click, read and share.



I have had one removed.. June 2019


A picture of my taken the day of the operation.

It happened in a bit of a rush. I attended a routine checkup in November 2019 when I was told my total vision was pretty bad and was registered blind. This did not come as a massive shock as I was aware I was struggling to see. They also referred me to have a visit with a consultant to see if an operation to remove the cataracts was possible.

Several months past and on June 5th 2019 I attended the hospital for the visit. They agreed to operate and the following week I found myself sat in the theater having the short operation.

I can tell you the operation is not too bad and the staff in Barnstaple are amazing, relaxed, companionate and professional. I went in at 0730 and was at home by 1300. Slept for hours and woke up the next morning to remove the eye mask.

That first light was amazing, I was able to see in technicolor! Over the next two weeks I have been adjusting to having amazing long vision in my left eye and next to no vision in my right. The second operation will happen once my left eye is healed. Hopefully within the next 8 weeks.

A couple of pictures of the new look me, it’s been 7 years since I was able to see my face without glasses.

Thanks again for all my support and for reading g my posts. I am struggling to see to read and write and even walk about in crowds. My family have been amazing and supportive and keeping me focused on the “epic expedition”. My next training walks are on 2nd and 12th July. If your free please message me. I need a guide walker.


Blind Man Roy makes a solo walk happen

Recently I made the decision to walk a similar distance with as much height gain as possible matching the day four of our “Epic Expedition” whilst staying close to my home.

Day four – The Yorkshire Three Peaks –

The reason behind this walk was to help me gain confidence that I can manage the distance and get up the next day to complete another walk. Our expedition takes us to complete both Nation and Yorkshire three peaks (six peaks in total) plus walk a distance of the famous Hadrian Wall “Steel Rigg to Sycamore Gap” and all within 7 days.

The aim of the challenge is going to help me clear some of my desired walks, get over the anxiety that I am pressured into thinking I cannot do this type of thing either with a group or on my own. Most importantly raise funds and awareness about the RNIB a charity and resource that is close to my heart.

I have added a few photos of my recent training walk which was to walk 43 kilometers (25 miles) within 10 hours climbing a total of 2248 meters (higher than Ben Nevis) at an average pace of 4.5k. I’ve added the route to my ViewRanger account and would encourage others to compete this tough challenge.

This short video hopefully shows how amazing the steps towards Watermouth Cove look.