Wolf Whistling – when to use your “Inside Voice”.

Walking through town I often hear comments, about Teal. Imagine wolf whistling a person and then add a few words to it. Apparently, it’s okay to talk about disabled people whilst within earshot and not using your “inside voice”. The most common statement I hear is from parents to their child. “That’s a working dog”. … More Wolf Whistling – when to use your “Inside Voice”.

The wrong decision! Back to work, week one. After six months off being placed on furlough, I returned on Monday 2nd November 2020. I am sure thousands of people were in the same situation and found themselves sat at their home workstations. Switched on their laptops and PC’s and faced the game of ”What do … More

Back To Work.

Monday 2nd November 2020 I return back to work after six months of being on the UKs Furlough scheme. I must admit I have had a great time and not only rekindled my love for construction work but spent time with my family. Relaxed and worked hard plus walked over 500 miles around my small … More Back To Work.

Absolutely feed up of listening to “No News” radio stations?

During my Furlough Days, I have watched enough “no news” TV and listened to many bland radio stations with repeat music and again “no news” broadcasts. To say that I was at the end of my tether and running out of items to fill the growing “white noise’ in my head, where I once had … More Absolutely feed up of listening to “No News” radio stations?