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  • Road Rage in North Devon

    Road Rage in North Devon

    Today’s post is simple titled “road rage”. I was sat in the popular bus that travels too and from Combe Martin to Barnstaple via Ilfracombe. The red Jaguar with a suitable dressed gentleman over took the bus as it was stopped at the bus stop at Watermouth Castle. The white van had two young man […]

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  • Two Teens and a Blind Bloke

    Two Teens and a Blind Bloke

    In July 2019 my children and I set off on an adventure. Through out life I have set goals and created lists. This time I had set this challenge with both of my children. The challenge was to climb as many mountains and Peaks as we could. These included – Scarfel Pike, Ben Nevis, Snowdonia, […]

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  • Back to Work – Working from Home – Virtual Meetings

    Back to Work – Working from Home – Virtual Meetings

    How many people are now settling into the new flexible way of working from home? No more traveling to attend meetings! I am one of many people that prior to March 2020 regularly sat in cars, trains and buses traveling between 30 minuets and 4 hours to attend work related meetings. Some of my meetings […]

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  • Moor Mountain & Sea

    Moor Mountain & Sea

    Back in the olden times in late 2017. Alison Homa and I started to chat about how we could best help the young people/adults that were involved with our scouting expeditions and activities. We created a project called Moor, Mountain and Sea. The project has many diversities with the main one being helping remove barriers. […]

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  • Wolf Whistling – when to use your “Inside Voice”.

    Wolf Whistling – when to use your “Inside Voice”.

    Walking through town I often hear comments, about Teal. Imagine wolf whistling a person and then add a few words to it. Apparently, it’s okay to talk about disabled people whilst within earshot and not using your “inside voice”. The most common statement I hear is from parents to their child. “That’s a working dog”. […]

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  • The wrong decision! Back to work, week one. After six months off being placed on furlough, I returned on Monday 2nd November 2020. I am sure thousands of people were in the same situation and found themselves sat at their home workstations. Switched on their laptops and PC’s and faced the game of ”What do […]

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  • Back To Work.

    Back To Work.

    Monday 2nd November 2020 I return back to work after six months of being on the UKs Furlough scheme. I must admit I have had a great time and not only rekindled my love for construction work but spent time with my family. Relaxed and worked hard plus walked over 500 miles around my small […]

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  • What I did when I was furloughed – Part Two – Emotions

    What I did when I was furloughed – Part Two – Emotions

    Do what you love and you will always work for the rest of your life.

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  • Please Give Me Space. Social Distance Sign

    Please Give Me Space. Social Distance Sign

    I live in a small seaside town in Devon. In the initial stages of lockdown I was fortunate to complete the first stages of becoming a guide dog owner with my new mate Teal. My guide dog trainer and I had set up several walking routes around the town that covered crossing roads, zebra crossings […]

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  • Cornish Coastal Path – Penzance to Morvah

    Cornish Coastal Path – Penzance to Morvah

    July 2020. Whilst in the midst of the global pandemic and being placed on furlough. The UK Government had allowed campsites to open and lifted traveling restrictions. A friend of mine Gavin, suggested it’s time for an adventure and possible attempted a few days walking and camping. Over a couple of cups of tea, we […]

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