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The Ultra Challenge – South West Coast 50k

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  • Inclusive Employment starts with understanding what it means.
    Over the past six months, since leaving the #constructioneducation sector to work for the UK based charity RNIB and work on a life changing quality standard “Visibly Better Employer”. I have been busy, honing my knowledge and using my decades of experience in assessing to work with some amazing national businesses. Most importantly the Human Resources experts that are passionate about working toward an inclusive workplace. I will making a my first presentation for the RNIB with my colleague and […]
  • Hadrians Wall -2023
    👇👇👇👇 Our second attempt to complete the walk 👇👇👇👇 Hadrian’s Wall, set in the Northumberland countryside has been a big part of my hiking life. I studied the The Romans as a child in the 1970’s, I first walked it in 2016 with a group of 6 friends from West to East. I am now planning to walk it again, in May 2023 with 3 other friends. Starting at Wallsend-On-Tyne, North Tyneside, United Kingdom in the East and walking the […]
  • Fitness in your 50’s.
    I have always gone to a gym, tried to keep fit and healthy. Yet going through my 50’s it just seems to get harder the more I get fitter. Going alone with my eyesight is not very wise, yet that would not be the reason why I would stop. I think that the reason for stopping, would be a lame excuses I.e. because it hurts, or I am busy with stuff or I am going away next week. I am […]
  • Energy Poverty
    Retrofit and Reality – please click on the article, below. It’s very positive and food for thought. Retrofit My thoughts – I live in a mid terraced house that was built in the 1880’s. It’s my home for life, full of memories and only has a front and rear external walls. A great house, I’ve replaced most of the interior and changed the characteristics of decor to suit the time we live in. Energy efficiency – I have looked at […]
  • South West Coastal Path Ultra Challenge
    The event and after event the Ultra Challenge. The day – Jim and I arrived at 0700 and parked upon the car park. The event reminded me of a county, cross county sports day. Great big tents with a reception committee. Great big inflated start/finish and flags with the logo from top to toe. Our starting time was 0800 which at 0745 we asked to the starting line to run through a warm up. To begin with, this was like […]
  • Next Chapter Please – “Life is like a box of chocolates”.
    The way to get through an Ultra Challenge. Since May, I have been pushing forward with training and aiming to raise £600+, with all the money going towards the Guide Dogs UK charity. Plus trying to raise awareness for the amazing volunteers helping both the guide dogs and their owners, like me. The Ultra Challenge The way I am tackling the distance, is I need three things to happen. These things that make the whole experience a positive one and […]
  • Guide Dogs
    I have signed up for an Ultra Challenge, the challenge is 50k within one day. The training has been on going. When you have a guide dog, one thing you do is walk! Whilst I have both some fitness and drive to complete I have joined the challenge with Jim Parker from Ilfracombe. The challenge is about raising awareness about the support a guide dog give as well as the charity needs support in raising money and reaching out for […]
  • What you looking at!
    Boom – the “I didn’t see you were blind” conversation happened again. I am all about inclusion, treating all with respect and I will open a door for people behind me, type of chap. Yet, on a daily basis, I get told a version of the above a statement. Recently, whilst trying to blend in at a birthday party and chat to some friends and generally have a normal night. I was told in a deeply disturbing fashion I was […]
  • The Support Workers Role.
    This week has been a great week for getting out and about and offering advice on training , apprenticeships and simple meeting people again. I have been working at Head of Partnerships since April 2021. The number of contacts and organisations has increased by nearly double. I have trouble keeping track and making sure I support them all. The business has grown geographical as well as in volume. Which is perfect when working for a new business. Coming out of […]
  • The Yorkshire 3 Peaks – UK
    Bunk Barn Accommodation The memories will last you far longer then the blisters. When we were planning our walk up and down Great Britton, we had to organise the best places to stay. Based on cost, location and the most relaxing. When we decided to take on the Yorkshire Three Peaks, we had to consider the start of the 26 mile walk! We didn’t want to have to drive before or after the walk. 26 miles of walking plus the, […]

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