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Yorkshire Three Peaks and The three Peaks Challenges maps and route cards 2018

Photo from the left, Ollie, Laura and me Roy. We are sat on a stone bench placed on the last of Ness Islands along the river Ness just on the edge of Inverness, Scotland.

Back in October 2018, both of my children agreed to help with a year of fund raising to help support the RNIB, understand their part in this genetic condition and help me achieve some of my bucket list, lifetime climbs and walks.


The reason behind supporting the RNIB is a simple and obvious one when you understand my eye health conditions. In my late 40’s I was diagnosed with a rare genetic eye health condition called Retina Pigmentosa, RP for short*.

On finding out this diagnosis I was lost for reasons and worried about going forward and supporting my family. I made a call to the RNIB helpline and was overwhelmed by all the support that followed. The help included a home visit from a couple supportive people. After time, I received white cane training, support with finding further support such as a “Blue Badge” and discounted bus journeys. I will explain more on my RNIB page.

This RNIB support has helped me go forward and is free for the affected. The RNIB is a charity and survive by donations which is why I wish to raise £1000.

I also wish to promote mental wellbeing via my challenges and attitude towards life and support other families with this rare genetic problem. There are some tough decisions and it can feel very frustrating and lonely. Please feel free to contact me to ask questions or offer support.

* RP explanation

Fund raising activities

Ollie, set up a Go Fund me page* where we welcome any donations towards the RNIB. In November 2019 at Ilfracombe’s, George and Dragon pub we have a family quiz where we hope to raise funds.

*We managed to raise £2200 from our loyal followers. We give you a massive thank you.

Team Imeson’s members. Ollie, Roy and Laura

The challenge.

Monday 22nd July till 31st July 2019, the three of us will leave our homes to meet in liverpool to start this epic expeditions.

The aim is to walk and climb the following peaks.

1) Wales – Snowdonia, the beautiful popular mountain range.

2) Scotland – Ben Nevis, the highest peak in the area.

3) Carlisle- The Once Brewed section of Hadrians Wall, the busiest section and most popular, the one with the tree from the Robin Hood film of the 80’s.

4) Cumbria – Scarfed Pike

5) Yorkshire – The National Three Peaks. A beautiful section of the dales with a staggering 25 kilometres and three peaks achieved within 14 hours.5)

We aim is complete the 5 climbs and walks within the week. Laura is our only driver where we have to consider the epic 1800 kilometres of driving! We may need to look at item 5 later in September.

Thanks you for reading this blog. I intend to keep updates happening and welcome hints and directions on improving them. I also wish to grow the page to other parts of my journey into blindness beyond 2019.

We also have an Instagram and Facebook page, search for BlindManRoy and join us. Remember to like and share where possible. My desired fund will take more than my friends donations.

Please keep supporting us and the RNIB.

Love, Peace and Consideration

Roy Imeson aka @BlindManRoy.

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