Travel, Kit and Tech

It’s not about being wet, cold or lost it’s about having the correct kit and training.

At the age of 50, I felt I had all the kit needed to go off on an adventure. I was wrong, you can never have enough kit. The amount you have is usually down to how much money you have spare to spend on it.

This Christmas I received some smashing woolen socks that I would never of bought as they cost £20 per pair. Let’s hope that “Smart Wool” is all about the material and not the wearer!

The “epic expedition “ is all about traveling, way up North and back down to the South walking up Britons amazing hills and mountains. The way that I have decided to attempt creating a kit list is to split this into various categories. Using one of my favourite motos “Keep it Stupidly Simple”, “KISS”.

Female Kissing Lips with red gloss lipstick.

The stupidly simple list is:

1) Travel

2) Walk

3) Sleep

In my next few blogs I will be expanding on what is within the groups, including some of our current kit.

If you were me, what piece of luxury kit would you take for this “epic expedition”?

Please help me and comment below or email if these posts are easy to read and make sense. I have been asked to write a post for another blogger who has masses of readers. Imagine the honour and the fear of writing a poorly written post!