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  • Next Chapter Please – “Life is like a box of chocolates”.

    Next Chapter Please – “Life is like a box of chocolates”.

    The way to get through an Ultra Challenge. Since May, I have been pushing forward with training and aiming to raise £600+, with all the money going towards the Guide Dogs UK charity. Plus trying to raise awareness for the amazing volunteers helping both the guide dogs and their owners, like me. The Ultra Challenge […]

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  • Guide Dogs

    Guide Dogs

    I have signed up for an Ultra Challenge, the challenge is 50k within one day. The training has been on going. When you have a guide dog, one thing you do is walk! Whilst I have both some fitness and drive to complete I have joined the challenge with Jim Parker from Ilfracombe. The challenge […]

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  • Final Figure for our 12 months of fund raising.

    Final Figure for our 12 months of fund raising.

    Thank you to everyone that supported our Epic Expedition. It’s been an amazing demonstration of support both, financial and your love towards Team Imeson. The whole “Two Teenagers and a Blind Bloke” has been an amazing experience and loads of activities and fund raising all for the RNIB. We have banked the final bits of […]

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  • The Journey.

    The Journey.

    The documentary of our “Epic Expedition”. The short film was filmed in location and helps demonstrate what we went through in the week long trip. The highs and lows are caught on film. Thank you to Ollie who has put the content together.

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  • Foot long blond hair,  cut off to help raise money for the RNIB

    Foot long blond hair, cut off to help raise money for the RNIB

    Charlotte Cook from Ilfracombe has been an amazing young person. She has been growing her hair for many years, in a conversation with her mum she said that she would like to have the beautiful blond locks cut for charity. Her mother reluctant agreed. Please read on. She has had the hair cut in the […]

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  • Blind Man Roy makes a solo walk happen

    Blind Man Roy makes a solo walk happen

    Recently I made the decision to walk a similar distance with as much height gain as possible matching the day four of our “Epic Expedition” whilst staying close to my home. Day four – The Yorkshire Three Peaks – The reason behind this walk was to help me gain confidence that I can manage […]

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  • Sunrise in Southampton.

    Sunrise in Southampton.

    I am sometimes left wondering, if my need to see as much as I can whilst I have vision is why I do so much or is it just simply that I love to embrace life, colour and make the most of using all my senses? My work has taken me to Southampton the day […]

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  • Changing people’s perception. What does Blind look like to you? The RNIB push for change.

    Changing people’s perceptions and opinions can be a struggle and sometimes impossible. This blog is a simple request that you can help me with. This picture went viral, purely because the lady was using her phone with her white stick erected in front of her. Social media got hold of the photo and that was then shared and reshared purely because […]

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