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  • The Yorkshire 3 Peaks – UK

    The Yorkshire 3 Peaks – UK

    Bunk Barn Accommodation The memories will last you far longer then the blisters. When we were planning our walk up and down Great Britton, we had to organise the best places to stay. Based on cost, location and the most relaxing. When we decided to take on the Yorkshire Three Peaks, we had to consider […]

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  • Two Teens and a Blind Bloke

    Two Teens and a Blind Bloke

    In July 2019 my children and I set off on an adventure. Through out life I have set goals and created lists. This time I had set this challenge with both of my children. The challenge was to climb as many mountains and Peaks as we could. These included – Scarfel Pike, Ben Nevis, Snowdonia, […]

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  • Moor Mountain & Sea

    Moor Mountain & Sea

    Back in the olden times in late 2017. Alison Homa and I started to chat about how we could best help the young people/adults that were involved with our scouting expeditions and activities. We created a project called Moor, Mountain and Sea. The project has many diversities with the main one being helping remove barriers. […]

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  • Cornish Coastal Path – Penzance to Morvah

    Cornish Coastal Path – Penzance to Morvah

    July 2020. Whilst in the midst of the global pandemic and being placed on furlough. The UK Government had allowed campsites to open and lifted traveling restrictions. A friend of mine Gavin, suggested it’s time for an adventure and possible attempted a few days walking and camping. Over a couple of cups of tea, we […]

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  • Camping with a Guide Dog

    Camping with a Guide Dog

    Prior to my eyesight diminishing I loved to go camping, hiking and take on long distance walks over a few days. I haven’t stopped I just keep buying new kit and tackle the problem in a different way. With the arrival of a new member to Team Imeson, Teal. I have a chance to look […]

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  • Final Figure for our 12 months of fund raising.

    Final Figure for our 12 months of fund raising.

    Thank you to everyone that supported our Epic Expedition. It’s been an amazing demonstration of support both, financial and your love towards Team Imeson. The whole “Two Teenagers and a Blind Bloke” has been an amazing experience and loads of activities and fund raising all for the RNIB. We have banked the final bits of […]

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  • The Journey.

    The Journey.

    The documentary of our “Epic Expedition”. The short film was filmed in location and helps demonstrate what we went through in the week long trip. The highs and lows are caught on film. Thank you to Ollie who has put the content together.

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  • Foot long blond hair,  cut off to help raise money for the RNIB

    Foot long blond hair, cut off to help raise money for the RNIB

    Charlotte Cook from Ilfracombe has been an amazing young person. She has been growing her hair for many years, in a conversation with her mum she said that she would like to have the beautiful blond locks cut for charity. Her mother reluctant agreed. Please read on. She has had the hair cut in the […]

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  • Team Imeson;

    Team Imeson;

    Team Imeson has to be one of the most unique teams around. I have worked with many different types of teams of people and ones that do not have the same goal. As ‘Team Imeson’ is mainly family we have a great start on the team building part and the goal is one that we […]

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  • Chester to Ben Nevis.

    Chester to Ben Nevis.

    The beautiful drive to the highlands by TeamImeson.

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