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  • Next Chapter Please – “Life is like a box of chocolates”.

    Next Chapter Please – “Life is like a box of chocolates”.

    The way to get through an Ultra Challenge. Since May, I have been pushing forward with training and aiming to raise £600+, with all the money going towards the Guide Dogs UK charity. Plus trying to raise awareness for the amazing volunteers helping both the guide dogs and their owners, like me. The Ultra Challenge […]

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  • Road Rage in North Devon

    Road Rage in North Devon

    Today’s post is simple titled “road rage”. I was sat in the popular bus that travels too and from Combe Martin to Barnstaple via Ilfracombe. The red Jaguar with a suitable dressed gentleman over took the bus as it was stopped at the bus stop at Watermouth Castle. The white van had two young man […]

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  • What I did when I was furloughed.

    What I did when I was furloughed.

    Covid19 – When I received and eventually read the email from my employer with the terms and conditions of the Governments Job Retention Scheme. I have to admit I did not fully understand what mentally it would mean to not have work in my life for 7 weeks. I live in a Victorian mid terraced […]

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  • When do you hate using your white cane?

    When do you hate using your white cane?

    This week I was interviewed by an engineer that is seeking advice from white cane users. The interviewer was an engineer that has been commissioned to look at the concept of using the cane. Which when asked what do I use mine for lead me down a couple of paths. Which usually happens when I’m […]

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  • Team Imeson;

    Team Imeson;

    Team Imeson has to be one of the most unique teams around. I have worked with many different types of teams of people and ones that do not have the same goal. As ‘Team Imeson’ is mainly family we have a great start on the team building part and the goal is one that we […]

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  • Loosing Faces

    Loosing Faces

    Blooming Cataracts In October 2018, I was diagnosed as blind. The optometrist calmly said my sight had reached this status which was enhanced with two growing cataracts. Recently this state has sent me into a world of “blur”. This new condition has led me to learn a new coping strategy, It’s a simple one. This […]

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  • Training can be more than just a walk around a National Park in the UK.

    Training can be more than just a walk around a National Park in the UK.

    Over a weekend in February Laura and I made a positive decision to “get up and go”. Our choice of direction was “upwards” and off we set for the most local highest point. This blog is more of a pictorial update rather than the usual 1000 words. I hope you enjoy the videos. When I […]

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  • Megabus London Sight Seeing Tour

    Megabus London Sight Seeing Tour

    This blog is all about a blind blokes sight seeing bus trip around London. Emma and I came up to visit Ollie for a cheap weekend trip. The trip was to help Ollie with some shopping, course work and to star in a short interview. I managed to yet again breakdown in tears! Those […]

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  • Believe in Change

    Believe in Change

    Most of my Social media friends will not remember life before a bank card especially when we simple placed a four digit code into a machine to pay for it! In my early career I worked on a national project related to selling homes and business. The scheme I was working on was moved sideways […]

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