The adventures of a blind man. .

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  • Camping with a Guide Dog

    Camping with a Guide Dog

    Prior to my eyesight diminishing I loved to go camping, hiking and take on long distance walks over a few days. I haven’t stopped I just keep buying new kit and tackle the problem in a different way. With the arrival of a new member to Team Imeson, Teal. I have a chance to look […]

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  • Team Imeson;

    Team Imeson;

    Team Imeson has to be one of the most unique teams around. I have worked with many different types of teams of people and ones that do not have the same goal. As ‘Team Imeson’ is mainly family we have a great start on the team building part and the goal is one that we […]

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  • Blind Man Roy makes a solo walk happen

    Blind Man Roy makes a solo walk happen

    Recently I made the decision to walk a similar distance with as much height gain as possible matching the day four of our “Epic Expedition” whilst staying close to my home. Day four – The Yorkshire Three Peaks – The reason behind this walk was to help me gain confidence that I can manage […]

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