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  • The Support Workers Role.

    The Support Workers Role.

    This week has been a great week for getting out and about and offering advice on training , apprenticeships and simple meeting people again. I have been working at Head of Partnerships since April 2021. The number of contacts and organisations has increased by nearly double. I have trouble keeping track and making sure I […]

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  • The Yorkshire 3 Peaks – UK

    The Yorkshire 3 Peaks – UK

    Bunk Barn Accommodation The memories will last you far longer then the blisters. When we were planning our walk up and down Great Britton, we had to organise the best places to stay. Based on cost, location and the most relaxing. When we decided to take on the Yorkshire Three Peaks, we had to consider […]

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  • Taxi!


    This weekend, my girls, seem to be sleeping. Lola, is our old cat that is resting more and more as the weeks go. She try’s to eat constantly yet manages to not eat much. Todays lunch was one of my favourites, corn-beef! I have to admit, I ate more than her. This week, Teal, managed […]

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  • Sliding door moments!

    Sliding door moments!

    Employee number 3908 your time is up and we are making you redundant. Over the past decade I have found that life should never be taken for granted. Your long term plans should be looked at like entering the lottery. hope to win big but the reality is you will simple enjoy the anticipation […]

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  • Back to Work – Working from Home – Virtual Meetings

    Back to Work – Working from Home – Virtual Meetings

    How many people are now settling into the new flexible way of working from home? No more traveling to attend meetings! I am one of many people that prior to March 2020 regularly sat in cars, trains and buses traveling between 30 minuets and 4 hours to attend work related meetings. Some of my meetings […]

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  • Wolf Whistling – when to use your “Inside Voice”.

    Wolf Whistling – when to use your “Inside Voice”.

    Walking through town I often hear comments, about Teal. Imagine wolf whistling a person and then add a few words to it. Apparently, it’s okay to talk about disabled people whilst within earshot and not using your “inside voice”. The most common statement I hear is from parents to their child. “That’s a working dog”. […]

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  • The wrong decision! Back to work, week one. After six months off being placed on furlough, I returned on Monday 2nd November 2020. I am sure thousands of people were in the same situation and found themselves sat at their home workstations. Switched on their laptops and PC’s and faced the game of ”What do […]

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  • Please Give Me Space. Social Distance Sign

    Please Give Me Space. Social Distance Sign

    I live in a small seaside town in Devon. In the initial stages of lockdown I was fortunate to complete the first stages of becoming a guide dog owner with my new mate Teal. My guide dog trainer and I had set up several walking routes around the town that covered crossing roads, zebra crossings […]

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  • Absolutely feed up of listening to “No News” radio stations?

    Absolutely feed up of listening to “No News” radio stations?

    During my Furlough Days, I have watched enough “no news” TV and listened to many bland radio stations with repeat music and again “no news” broadcasts. To say that I was at the end of my tether and running out of items to fill the growing “white noise’ in my head, where I once had […]

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  • Should we all stay in the UK and have a “Stay-cation”

    Should we all stay in the UK and have a “Stay-cation”

    I bet I am not on my own? I am conscious of a few things 1) safety for my wife and I. ie public transport and accommodation in the UK will be Cleaned and disinfected to the best it can be. Have you read the HSE guidelines? 2) Our own economic situation is in need […]

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