Moor Mountain & Sea

Back in the olden times in late 2017. Alison Homa and I started to chat about how we could best help the young people/adults that were involved with our scouting expeditions and activities. We created a project called Moor, Mountain and Sea. The project has many diversities with the main one being helping remove barriers. … More Moor Mountain & Sea

The Journey.

The documentary of our “Epic Expedition”. The short film was filmed in location and helps demonstrate what we went through in the week long trip. The highs and lows are caught on film. Thank you to Ollie who has put the content together.

Team Imeson;

Team Imeson has to be one of the most unique teams around. I have worked with many different types of teams of people and ones that do not have the same goal. As ‘Team Imeson’ is mainly family we have a great start on the team building part and the goal is one that we … More Team Imeson;


I have had one removed.. June 2019 T A picture of my taken the day of the operation. It happened in a bit of a rush. I attended a routine checkup in November 2019 when I was told my total vision was pretty bad and was registered blind. This did not come as a massive … More Cataracts

When you think you’ve done enough to only find out you’ve got more to do!

A Saturday training session. Ollie and I managed to go for 26k walk within 6 hours stretching from our home town to Hangman’s Hill near Lynton and back. It was a hot and hard walk sadly served with a big punch of reality. The Three Peaks in Yorkshire (day four) is just undated 42k and … More When you think you’ve done enough to only find out you’ve got more to do!