Part one. Getting to the start.

Travel: this is the most complex part of this “epic expedition” , we have one driver Laura and a brilliant car yet restricted on boot space, a WV Gold Polo.

‘My, Star in a Reasonably Priced Car’ one of Jeremy Clarkson nicest quotes.

The boot size will help us, it will restrict the amount of kit we take. Remember I’m a scout leader and a local Dofe supervisors with lots of worn out kit.

One of my last blogs mentioned “KISS“,let’s hope that I’ve added enough details to make this happen.

Monday 22nd July 2019

Laura and I will be leaving Ilfracombe to travel to Liverpool stopping along route for meals and aiming to get there for supper, hopefully pie, chips and gravy washed down with local beer.

The google map showing the journey time of 5 hours.

Ollie’s travel to the start; he will be still working and aims to have a shift on the Tuesday morning. He has an all year round part time job* that he fits in-between his studies at “Urdang”, he is training in musical theartre. He will be working a day shift, aiding him to leave for the afternoon train to Liverpool. His ticket was £15!

Please help me and comment below or email if these posts are easy to read and make sense. I have been asked to write a post for another blogger who has masses of readers. Imagine the honour and the fear of writing a poorly written post!

*Ollie worked at one of “Jack Wills’ store on the busy part of Soho just of the famous Carnaby Street London.

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