Part two. Scotland

A picture of the youth hotel at Glen Nevis, we had to book this accommodation in November 2018 to secure a room. I think it may be a busy mountain?

Wednesday 24th July 2019

Ben Nevis, is notorious known for bad weather. Even in the summer the visibility may be poor. One of the reasons behind staying at Glen Nevis for two days, is to give us two days to attempt the mountain. Personally I would love to climb it twice. Imagine the “steps”.

With this dilemma in mind, the plan is to spend the Wednesday preparing ourselves for the week ahead, making sure we understand the routes, various different accommodation locations. Plus stock up on some Scottish Whiskey and eat haggis.

For those that know me, they would be shocked to read that I do not have every element planned in my head, there has to be an element of flexibility to attempt the five different walks and climbs on this “epic expedition”.

Thursday 25th July 2019

On Thursday 25th eventually the walking and climbing starts.

We aim to tackle Ben Nevis with an early start, 0730 making sure we get to spend as much time as we can taking in the views.

A great snow peaked picture, we will be attempting the mountain in July, there is no chance of snow but more chance of the famous Scottish Midges

All the reviews I have read, comment on the lines of walkers and on lookers, describing the mountain to be like a holly pilgrimage. Mix the three together, crowds, narrow paths and blind people don’t tend to go together very well.

A great website, full of adventures and supportive materials for the new to blogging.

A picture of the rugged path leading up to the climb of Ben Nevis.

Friday 26th July 2019

A picture of the youth hostel that was opened in 2018, we are staying here for night number three of the “epic adventure”.

Travel to Once Brewed: this part of the walk is more epic in history and an epic climb, Steel Rigg to Sycamore Gap the famous part of the Hadrians Wall staying at Once Brewed.

The national trust have written several guided walks, we will manage two legs a total of 15 miles.

The plan is to arrive early lunch time and attempt the walk before dusk. We will look to stay locally and eat well. The next morning we will aim to set of early sneak an early visit to some Roman history before setting of to the Lake District.

A borrowed photo from the internet of the Sycamore Tree situated along Hadrians Wall near Once Brewed.

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