The adventures of a blind man. .

Planning – The outline

Great Britain

The challenge.

Tuesday 23 rd July till 31st July 2019, the three of us will leave our homes to meet in Glen Nevis to start this epic expeditions.

The aim is to walk and climb the following peaks.

1) Scotland – Ben Nevis, the highest peak in the area.

2) Carlise- The Once Brewed section of Hadrians Wall, the busiest section and most popular, the one with the tree from the Robin Hood film of the 80’s.

3) Cumbria – Scarfed Pike

4) Yorkshire – The National Three Peaks. A beautiful section of the dales with a staggering 25 kilometres and three peaks achieved within 14 hours.

5) Wales – Snowdonia, the beautiful popular mountain range.

We aim is complete the 5 climbs and walks within the week. Laura is our only driver where we have to consider the epic 1800 kilometres of driving! We may need to look at item 5 later in September.

Thanks you for reading this blog. I intend to keep updates happening and welcome hints and directions on improving them. I also wish to grow the page to other parts of my journey into blindness beyond 2019

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