Eye operation

I have had one removed.. June 2019


A picture of my taken the day of the operation.

It happened in a bit of a rush. I attended a routine checkup in November 2019 when I was told my total vision was pretty bad and was registered blind. This did not come as a massive shock as I was aware I was struggling to see. They also referred me to have a visit with a consultant to see if an operation to remove the cataracts was possible.

Several months past and on June 5th 2019 I attended the hospital for the visit. They agreed to operate and the following week I found myself sat in the theater having the short operation.

I can tell you the operation is not too bad and the staff in Barnstaple are amazing, relaxed, companionate and professional. I went in at 0730 and was at home by 1300. Slept for hours and woke up the next morning to remove the eye mask.

That first light was amazing, I was able to see in technicolor! Over the next two weeks I have been adjusting to having amazing long vision in my left eye and next to no vision in my right. The second operation will happen once my left eye is healed. Hopefully within the next 8 weeks.

A couple of pictures of the new look me, it’s been 7 years since I was able to see my face without glasses.

Thanks again for all my support and for reading g my posts. I am struggling to see to read and write and even walk about in crowds. My family have been amazing and supportive and keeping me focused on the “epic expedition”. My next training walks are on 2nd and 12th July. If your free please message me. I need a guide walker.


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