Sliding door moments!

Employee number 3908 your time is up and we are making you redundant.

Over the past decade I have found that life should never be taken for granted. Your long term plans should be looked at like entering the lottery. hope to win big but the reality is you will simple enjoy the anticipation of winning.

My changes towards long term plans started when I was told that I have RP in 2012, this a progressive eye condition that takes away your vision over time and some times it’s slow and then other times it’s rapid. Then again my long term plan was stopped in 2020 with this recent career stop.

I admit that I am the type of person that like to make plans. I use the simple titles Short, Medium and Long term. It helps “park” those ideas in a reality timeframe.

I am sure that most of the people that read my short stories have noticed this trend, especially when I was planning the “epic expedition” in 2018.

Maps and guides

One of my long term plans has been to fill my pension pot with as much as I could and retire on a comfortable income and as soon as possible. Then Set a up a simple business. Possible selling ice cream, but only on sunny evenings in the summer.

Well, that long term dream got changed again, drastically when I failed to secure a role in the latest new structured at the CITB. This time the restructuring was from their amended vision 2020 plan, a long term plan that was changed due to the loss of a UK contract to offer apprenticeship support. This was also the UK’s Governments Long term plan to change the way apprenticeships were funded.

Can you notice anything – one action has many other reactions.

Basically the CITB merged two teams together with a loss of just over 100 skilled loyal employees, 60 people took voluntary and I was made compulsory redundant because I failed to score higher than my competitors in the pooling process.

Don’t worry I followed the appeal processes.

I did not take the failure of the tests well an over the past few months I raised two appeals and one grievance as I tried to gain an other role within the company.

After a short while of digging deep into my sole I realised that this long term employment dream had ended. I had to move forward and step away from the industry training board and look at what I wish to do next.

One option was “Did I want to look for a simple part time job” or continue to for fill the dream of “helping others” into work. I always reflect on the help I had back in the early 80’s. If know one had helped me I don’t think I would be were I am today.

It was time for another list!

I was placed with an adult decision , “which door to take?”

This life list was a long list. Mainly reviewing what I could do or wanted to do. I spoke wide and far and used my contact list. Over the past twenty years it has become a vast list.

I am pleased to write that I have a new chapter in my career path. “Career Chapter Three”.

A picture of high rises building with a caption box stating that I have a new job
Career Chapter number 3

This opportunity came to me with a question that left me pondering for a while and hopefully if you read my Career Chapter Three – poster below I have attempted to answer it.

What do you want to make the highlight of your career?

Dan Symond’s Director of Greenlight Safety Consultants

This statement pushed my brain into overdrive as a edited my lists and accepted this new opportunity bringing to an end to “sliding door” moment. Hopefully this new opportunity which is brilliant use of my knowledge and time spent within the education of the construction industry plus for filling my ambition to create the best training opportunities for people wishing to enter the construction industry.

This would give me time to master Ice cream making.

There website is here please click and read.

Over the past two decades I have worked within the education sector but mainly the construction skills side. Working with many different organisations, projects and funding partners.

I have seen plenty of projects become “churn” projects, publicised as “look what we’ve done” type of work. Where the reality has been they have been a combination of many projects pulled together and each stating the same outcomes but in different funding organisations.

I have also seen projects take for ever to get to a stage that produces talent and when they have the impact has been that low that the cost of the project would of paid the candidates to retire!

A career highlight has been helping developed strategies for towns and cities to increase the number of people wanting to enter the construction sector. Helping out teams of experts together and recruit dynamic project leads that take the concept beyond the original quest.

Yet, I have never worked for an organisation that has such positive intentions with a drive for a team that “can-do and “will-do”. That I am now excited to join and see what a difference I can bring.

Throughout the pandemic, Dan the director has been working with his senior management team to put together what I describe as a “dream team” he has looked at expanding the current centres and strive forward success.

Obviously I would write such a big statement as I am part of the team.

My role slips into the team to help make the next stages happen, grow partnerships across the construction sector and manage an element of income that supports the growth.

Exciting times!

Career Chapter Three – Poster – The left hand side of the poster is permanent and the right hand side of the poster is fluid as this job progresses hopefully into long list of success stories.

The ideas that I have and the determination of Dan and his team plus the diversity of the investors we aim to put together a training centre that is fit for purpose I.e construction excellence.

Use funding streams that support the growing number of interested employers and candidates.

Most importantly we aim to enhance the exciting “Pre-Employment” package that has already had a level of success. We aim to help bring both keen and enthusiastic people into the construction industry.

I start in April 2021 and wish to hit the ground running. I wish to continue to share my ideas and progress as my next chapter starts.

I am keen to learn about the new world wide approach to growing the education of the construction industry and if you would like to arrange a chat, please email me on the address below.

In the meantime I must thank Mrs I’ who has put up with my night tremors, bad moods as I went through an awful redundancy period which no one should have to experience!


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