The adventures of a blind man. .

“Change will only happen when you make it.” – Roy Imeson

Ollie, Laura and Roy
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  • Energy Poverty

    Energy Poverty

    Retrofit and Reality – please click on the article, below. It’s very positive and food for thought. Retrofit My thoughts – I live in a mid terraced house that was built in the 1880’s. It’s my home for life, full of memories and only has a front and rear external walls. A great house, I’ve […]

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  • South West Coastal Path Ultra Challenge

    South West Coastal Path Ultra Challenge

    The event and after event the Ultra Challenge. The day – Jim and I arrived at 0700 and parked upon the car park. The event reminded me of a county, cross county sports day. Great big tents with a reception committee. Great big inflated start/finish and flags with the logo from top to toe. Our […]

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  • Next Chapter Please – “Life is like a box of chocolates”.

    Next Chapter Please – “Life is like a box of chocolates”.

    The way to get through an Ultra Challenge. Since May, I have been pushing forward with training and aiming to raise £600+, with all the money going towards the Guide Dogs UK charity. Plus trying to raise awareness for the amazing volunteers helping both the guide dogs and their owners, like me. The Ultra Challenge […]

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When you are told that your eyesight is going to disappear within the next few years you’re faced with choices.

I choose to write about my choices and experiences, in a light hearted way, using my sense of humour to explain some situations that could possible drive you to anger.

“Smile and the world will smile with you.”

I will not lie, some days I have hidden away from the world and been that negative bloke. After all I am only human.

I have been interviewed for radio, YouTube shows and a local magazine. I am open to suggestions and opportunities to speak about life and change mine.

Part way through the summer of 2022 on a training walk I realised that I was not only smiling I was at the top of Hangman Hill!

All my stories are true and told in my fashion and the way that I remember them.

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