In 2012, I was the 1 in 4000 that has been diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition called Retina Pigmentosia.

Over the past few years my eye site has changed for the worst. This has been helped along by a rapid growth of cataracts on both of my eyes. Cataracts take away the bright glorious colours and then demolish your confidence on leaving your safe environments such as your house.

In the summer of 2019, I had both of the cataracts removed which has given me a massive confidence boost. I had my left one removed prior to Team Imeson’s first epic expedition. This helped me tremendously with seeing long distances but left me with sore toes as I kicked most of the stones and rocks on the Three Peaks Plus we climbed in August.

A picture of the human eye with Retina Pigmentosia

Being diagnosed with a life changing health condition takes you on a journey. This journey has different speeds and emotions.

I hope that my written words can help others on this journey.

With both of my children I carried out an epic expedition in 2019 which is this website was created. Ollie has also created a brilliant you tube video.

Team Imeson – One Peak Done. Snowdonia 2019

Oppression Olympics – I do not wish to become a gold medalist but would appreciate any help or support in reaching a reactive audience that spans across the world. Helping spread the word of pleasure in walking across our planet.

I have written a few blogs prior to the expedition and after.

In 2020 I wish to continue to write and plan our next trip.