Charity walk along the Cornish Coastal Path inspired by the book “Salt Path”.

Day One

“What a day’

17miles along the harshest section of the Cornish Coastal path!

The walk started in St Ives, which is a very pretty town along the South West Coastal Path. Here is a theme of art and modern arts centre at the Tate.

We set of on a fairly sunny and warm, morning. But, by lunchtime, literally as we started to eat our hearty sausage rolls, cheese and ham sandwiches and a can of coke the weather changed into a storm with high winds and heavy rain. Soggy Sandwiches don’t rock!

We walked a total of 17 miles, 6 in the summer and 12 in a winter storm!

The terrain along this section can only be described as ‘awful” the mixture of both weather and terrain pit this section into a category on its own and one I would not wish to do again.

The walk was with Emma, Laura Louise, Kate Headson and Richard.

This challenge was inspired by Raynor Winn’s book- The Salt Path. I cannot recommend it enough!

Laura is completing the walk to raise money for three charities Encompass South West, Mind and the South West Coastal Path.

Please click and donate the tab below.

This walk was my first adventure with my amazing wife. Emma has watched me pack my sack and walk off into the distance for years. She was amazing and get all our spirits up. She definitely has that determination and fire in her soul to see the job through to the end.

The above picture is the distance we walked over the two days. Laura went on to walk a further 45 miles over four more days!

Day Two.

We stayed at an amazing bed and breakfast in a small Cornish town called Pendeen. The town is small yet has two pubs and a great community.

We arrived drenched to our underwear, cold but yet in high spirits. The land lady Mora was brilliant, she took out boots, wet clothes and prepared a pot of tea. Smashing, we even had biscuits!

Those big chain hotels could learn a valued lesson from meeting with Mora, she has time for her customers and puts them first rather than policy checkins and have you paid us enough.

On Sunday morning, we set of directly after breakfast and walked through the village to join the relentless Cornish Coastal Path. Within half an hour we met our first challenge of the day. The coastal path took us to section of rocks that we scrambled up and down to find the at we were literally on the edge of a cliff. We had to turn around and climb back.

Over the next few hours we scrambled along the path which became more accessible and easier to gain speed without to many hitches and in the sun!

Part of my volunteer work is working with the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme with one part linked to putting teams together and working with them to form teams. This always become a challenge as people are all individual and sometime listen to their own heads and love for adventure. The reason why I wrote this is, two of our team decided without too much thought to take a diversion or possible short cut. Let’s just say they had a safe adventure and made some of the Sunday walkers giggle.

This section of the coastal path takes you along a lower level walk with amazing opportunities to watch sea seals and smell the sea weed. A full sensory walk. We ended up boots of paddling along the sandy beach at Senin to a welcomed pint of beer.

Again thank you for reading. Do not have another walk planned and welcome offers to join you on your walks. I will add a few more photos to my web page.

This one is me eating a dry lunch sat in the sun.


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