Wolf Whistling – when to use your “Inside Voice”.

Walking through town I often hear comments, about Teal. Imagine wolf whistling a person and then add a few words to it.

Apparently, it’s okay to talk about disabled people whilst within earshot and not using your “inside voice”.

The most common statement I hear is from parents to their child.

“That’s a working dog”.

When I hear that I chuckle, “working dog”. I think of the phrase the other use of the term “working girls” I.e. the ones stood on the corner of Piccadilly Circus in Manchester.

I have added the picture below which explains in picture form what sight loss means. I have Retina Pigmentosia, it basically takes away your night vision and peripheral sight.

Eyesight Descriptions

Most people have poor night vision and need to keep visiting the opticians.

The peripheral vision is really important as you do not notice this disappearing until you have an accident or regularly walk into low objects.

I am happy to talk to anyone and listen to their story.

Trust me, loosing your eyesight is life changing but make sure it’s just yours and if your peripheral sight is bad and you drive you are putting others at risk.

Love, Peace and Happiness.


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