Back To Work.

Monday 2nd November 2020

I return back to work after six months of being on the UKs Furlough scheme.

I must admit I have had a great time and not only rekindled my love for construction work but spent time with my family.

Relaxed and worked hard plus walked over 500 miles around my small sea side town in North Devon.

The return will lead to those frustrating issues of logging into my works PC and systems.

I will have a few return back to work Teams meetings and hopefully some messages from the employers I have missed talking too.

I still have about 10% of those DIY jobs to finish but unlike prior to being on furlough I will prioritise them and get them done. No more will I neglected you home.

As for scouting, I presume this will stay shut until it’s safe rather than opened because of egos wishing to prove they are “the first to be back”.

My work with the RNIB continues and I have a few meetings booked for November.

Thanks again to all for following my rambles and please keep in touch via the usual ways.

Love, Peace and Family.



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