Is a picture taken by a blind person any different than someone with good vision.

Recently, I visited London with a group of people from my home town in Devon That are connected to Make the Move and also caught up with Ollie and a friend.

The reason behind the trip was for a bit of culture and watch the latest Cirque Du Soleil show called Totem.

This is promotional picture from Totem that has been performed at the Royal Albert Hall February 2019.

The view from our seats, One word describes it “Amazing”

We stayed at a youth hostel in St Paul’s, a great place that is busy and has great experienced staff that are used the volume of people and room cleaning staff that are used to the amount of quests.

After the show we had decided to walk back from Blackfriars along Southwark to the hostel. This is a short walk that takes you over two iconic bridges and the stretch of river frontage by the Tate Modern. You then walk over the famous bridge that is featured in many films and many social media posts.

One of the reasons behind the walk is was to take some evening pictures for one of the young persons GCSE photography portfolio and also to just get a further prospective of the amazing City at night.

Like everyone else I took a few pictures of the scene. When I got a few minuets I edited my picture and added it to my own social media portfolio. I find that adding pictures and posts can be therapy. I like to look back and see when, what and where I have been. It’s like a picture diary.

A screenshot of the photo on my personal Instagram page. @Roy_Imeson

Click and view.

On the journey back to Devon, I decided to review the post which led me to looking at the hash tag and look at other posts taken at a similar time. This turned into quite a radical outcome. Please see the other posts I stole from Instagram, I have also added their links and welcome you to review.

A picture taken at a similar time and location.


What do you think, is there any difference in quality, ie are sighted persons photos better than mine?

I did then start to wonder about who likes my photos, who likes the others and then the big question, that I think is becoming more common one.

Why do I not get the same volume of likes, comments or shares as the other people.

Please see the likes taken after 24 hours above and please go to all three links and like the photo you like.


The biggest shock is that taking pictures with good or poor vision doesn’t matter. If you take a photo and want to share it you should. Do not give a dam about who likes it or how many people see and like them.

Happy Thoughts and don’t get caught up in the latest social media game.


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