Training can be more than just a walk around a National Park in the UK.

Over a weekend in February Laura and I made a positive decision to “get up and go”. Our choice of direction was “upwards” and off we set for the most local highest point.

This blog is more of a pictorial update rather than the usual 1000 words. I hope you enjoy the videos. When I recorded them I was definitely feeling the pain of the climb.

County’s Gate car park.

When we arrived in Lynmouth we realized we had no cash for the car park and continued up to County Gate car park. We simple amended the starting place and set of to walk into Lynmouth via Brendon.

Laura had made the decision to wear her new walking gear to test its comfort, warmth and practicle element of it over a days walk. The question we keep asking is around “should we use walking poles.”

Poles are useful but because I use my “White Cane” I am left with a dilemma, should I adapt a pole or wear some other symbol to tell other walkers I may not see them?

After walking down hill for over an hour we stopped for a bit fun. There is definitely something attractive about a rope swing even if your blind. The river was quite fast and furious too, an added element of fun.

I have started to reflect on this whole “epic expedition” as a way to come to terms with loosing my vision and trying to not loose my confidence.

Finally we reached the famous bridge at the bottom of Lynmouth. We had lunch and then set off up the climb to the top of the Hill!

Hopefully the videos reflect the climb. Listen to the waves smashing into the side of the hill!

435 meter climb done. This will be a similar height and climb as a couple of the smaller Mountains on our expedition. The feeling of achievement was brilliant however we still had a 5 k to walk back to the car,

The last science pictures show the views of across Lynmouth and on to Hangman’s Hill near Comb Martin.

The record of my walking so far, I am using ViewRanger Software. It records all the walking I do when wearing my boots..


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