Final Figure for our 12 months of fund raising.

Thank you to everyone that supported our Epic Expedition. It’s been an amazing demonstration of support both, financial and your love towards Team Imeson.

The whole “Two Teenagers and a Blind Bloke” has been an amazing experience and loads of activities and fund raising all for the RNIB.

We have banked the final bits of money raised from the following

1) Charolette Cook’s hair cutting fund raiser. Charolette has been growing her hair for a few years and wanted to help two charities and the RNIB was one of them. She is an inspiration to young people and her gift was so heart warming.

2) George and Dragon pub quiz. Ilfracombe’s local pub where John runs a weekly quiz for a different cause each week. I had to book my date 12 months ahead. A great quiz and a great landlord.

3) Alison Homa’s Bingo. Alison is a local scout leader who helps me and the rest of Taw Explorers offered me one of the six nights in the summer where she ran bingo in a new venue. What a star!

We have added the money to the amount we raised in the Summer for our “Epic Expedition” and are amazed to have the final figure of £2’200.00.

I must thank Ilfracombe Lions for supporting our travel costs.

Taken at the top of one of the 7 peaks

We self funded everything else and received help with a food parcel from Pat Preston (my Mother-in law).

The owners of our accommodation in Yorkshire were amazing and even gave me a gift of cider which was amazing as we had come to the end of our expedition and hadn’t thought about celebrating the end. I hope to go back again and spend a little bit longer exploring the area as it’s beautiful. Please visit their website to see.

The journey into blindness is not over and the work the RNIB do to support is continuing beyond what was on offer when I started with failing eyesight. I have visited their offices in London and recently volunteered to help them where needed. Please watch this space for more information!

I will continue to keep blogging about my adventures and once I’ve written my version of events it will be published on this site. I hope you have enjoyed the story and feel part of Team Imeson?

As always if anyone has any questions or wants to have a chat please contact me. In the meantime thank all!


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