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Camping with a Guide Dog

Guide Dog Sleeping

Prior to my eyesight diminishing I loved to go camping, hiking and take on long distance walks over a few days. I haven’t stopped I just keep buying new kit and tackle the problem in a different way.

Teal asleep in her bed! How do you fit her into a tent?

With the arrival of a new member to Team Imeson, Teal. I have a chance to look for new camping solutions.

I have to admit I have a few tents and a new hammock kit that I wish to keep but simple do not know how to fit in Teal ?

My Options!

  • A tent for distance walking.
  • A tent Dofe remote supervising i.e. lightweight.
  • Fun and festivals is a great option to go large!

Long Distance Walking and Remote Supervising.

I use a lightweight tent that is aimed at three men, but they must all be under 5 feet tall and carry a plastic bag. I have this tent in my rucksack with a simple cooking and sleeping kit. Again, through the summer this is ready to go. I simple need to add food and clothes and go!

Fun and Festivals, including scout leaders hangouts.

A weekend camping kit, including food and clothes!
The Parachute escape room.

Hammock; I use the hammock on a free stand with a collection of storage boxes that contain all the kit. This approach is easy to get together and over the summer it is ready to go into the boot of a van. I simple need to add food and clothes and go!

My thoughts are do I look for an option to keep using my hammock and stand, flip back to a family tent or go for a new option and get a tipi big enough for both of us.

The purpose of this blog is to seek advice and ideas from others from around the world.

The UKs summer weather is usual warm and dry, but we can have some long periods of wetness.

The add on option. My though is buy new and use my Hammock kit, which is usually under our parachute.

This idea would keep Teal off the ground and out of midget attacks.
Simple – go to bed Teal… again, away from harm from wildlife and me falling over her when I need a midnight pee.
The Hello approach..l easily noticed and loads of room for us both.. however a big ask to through in someone’s van.

The Apache tipi is possible a solution, small and lightweight . Costs under £100 and hopefully enough room for both Teal and me and our kit.

As always, thank you for reading my rambling.

I look forward to your responses and if anyone has any possible solutions please give me a shout.

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