Believe in Change

Most of my Social media friends will not remember life before a bank card especially when we simple placed a four digit code into a machine to pay for it!

In my early career I worked on a national project related to selling homes and business. The scheme I was working on was moved sideways for a few reasons. One positive I took from the decision made by the government of the time, was the same team went to work on implementing the Chip and Pin element to a bank card. The team had great skills and the minister is still working in Parliament. .

Did you know the implement of the Chip and Pin is over twelve years old?

The thoughts behind my post is, we personally do not always believe that the decision to shelve something or implement something is for the better of mankind.

The implementation of Chip and Pin and then Contactless helps many blind and impartial sited people simple pay for things without loosing money. It removes one of the many issues we have to get over whilst living a normal life.

Change can be good and not always for the purpose it was invented for.

Stay safe and stay strong. #Love #Peace #HaveBeleif.


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