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  • Energy Poverty

    Energy Poverty

    Retrofit and Reality – please click on the article, below. It’s very positive and food for thought. Retrofit My thoughts – I live in a mid terraced house that was built in the 1880’s. It’s my home for life, full of memories and only has a front and rear external walls. A great house, I’ve […]

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  • Stratford to the Royal Docks in London

    Stratford to the Royal Docks in London

    As a building geek I make sure that when I go away, I take note of the local architecture. In early July 2021 I visited Stratford and took the DLR into the Royal Docks. The area has been on a 50 year regeneration from contaminated land through to £1 million apartments. The village I visited […]

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  • Back To Work.

    Back To Work.

    Monday 2nd November 2020 I return back to work after six months of being on the UKs Furlough scheme. I must admit I have had a great time and not only rekindled my love for construction work but spent time with my family. Relaxed and worked hard plus walked over 500 miles around my small […]

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